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No New Members in Member View

  • This plugin worked amazingly for me every time I needed it until tonight – I assume this must be a new bug from some compatibility issue with upgrades?

    My versions:
    WordPress 3.2.1
    BuddyPress 1.2.9
    BP Group Management 0.5.1

    Problem I’m seeing: I can’t view the list of site members to add anyone to the group, not with existing groups and not with new groups.

    I’m running BuddyPress for a local community garden and use groups to manage quick e-mail updates for different committees. Most people don’t log into the website, so being able to add everyone to a group early on and set the default e-mail and all makes a big difference for them using the tool.

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  • I went ahead and added the members I needed through phpMyAdmin and figured I might as well post the workaround here, though it kinda sucks. Obviously this only works if you are using a host that includes phpMyAdmin and you know how to log into it and have rights to edit the tables there. It’s really pretty straightforward because everything is so nicely named and all.

    1. Make sure you know the group ID and the member IDs you need. Get these from the groups and user tables (in browse view or by searching)

    2. Open the groups_members table and go to the “Browse” tab to check what the final ID number is.

    3. Go to “Insert” menu and add the next sequential ID for this table, the group id#, the user id#, and any admin/moderator roles you want to give them as 1s – use “now” for the “date_modified” field and you’re set.

    or just run this script:
    ‘INSERT INTO “.`_bp_groups_members` (`id`, `group_id`, `user_id`, `inviter_id`, `is_admin`, `is_mod`, `user_title`, `date_modified`, `comments`, `is_confirmed`, `is_banned`, `invite_sent`) VALUES (”, ”, ”, ”, ”, ”, ”, NOW(), ”, ‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’);’

    (obviously the stuff in needs to be replaced with your own data and you actually have to put in values for the various ids if you want to do the script)



    I downgraded from version .51 to to version .5 and my members re-appeared under the Add members to group column.

    If you don’t want to downgrade, edit line 429 of bp-group-management-bp-functions.php:

    Original line:
    $query = “SELECT `ID` FROM {$wpdb->users} WHERE spam = 0”;
    New line:
    $query = “SELECT `ID` FROM {$wpdb->users}”;

    Simples! Not sure what this spam = 0 stuff is about!!!

    Great fix – worked perfectly!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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