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    Hi. Here’s the site I’m having issues with: I’ve installed WP3.0 and BP using a custom theme that used to work under WP2 with BP1.1. Anyhow, I’ve got 2 problems that I think are related. First is that I turned off the BP admin bar in the old version of the site. That was all fine and good but now I’d like to have the BP admin bar and even with a fresh install of WP3.0 and the latest BP I can see it with the default BP theme but not with my custom theme. How do I get it back?

    Second is that I don’t have any way for users to register into buddypress. Specifically if you click the “community” link it takes you to the members page but I don’t have any sort of link there that allows for registration or log-in to buddypress. Looking at the default theme that option sits in the sidebar and/or you get a nice registration screen in the body there. However if I manually type in the url it just takes me back to the “About” page for some reason. I’ve gone into the dashboard and under Settings/General I’ve ticked the box for Anyone Can Register but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

    Can anyone help me?

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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