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    I’d like there to be a simple way to nominate users for any kind of award. Only moderators should be aware of nominations. It wouldn’t have to be any more complex than a simple metric showing how many nominations a user has received for a certain award; no need to make “X nominations = award” and such, as the point is that the final decision comes down to the moderator.

    It’d be pretty much like the “thumbs up/down” forum plugin, except with comments. Say you click “nominate” on someone and a bubble will pop up that asks you which award to nominate this user for and then you have to write your reason, minimum 10 and maximum 200 characters.

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  • Cool idea. I’d need to add a new page, probably in wp-admin, to aggregate this data and display it. What use case do you have in mind for this?



    Specifically in my case, it’s for the community website.

    Simply put, I see this as the one step up from rating forum posts:

    I know the goals are a little different, as forum rating is supposed to accentuate top tier posts, while nominations are more about recognizing the poster. I just never saw much value in highlighted posts for two particular reasons:
    1 – In an active forum there will eventually be so many top tier threads that they don’t necessarily cover topics relevant to every user.
    2 – A good internal search engine will always beat the index of 100 “must-read” articles.

    So that’s the rationale. As for the use case, the idea is that when users come by a valuable post of some kind they can opt to nominate the poster for a related Achievement.

    – A user posts a great bug report, I’d nominate him for the “Grooming Monkey” achievement (referring the way monkeys find and eat lice, i.e. bugs, he he).
    – A user in need of help writes very meticulously and to the point, I’d nominate him for the “Gift of Speech” achievement.
    – A user posts a useful piece of code, I’d nominate him for the “Code Monkey” achievement.

    Nominations shouldn’t have to be done through posts though. They could just as well be done by visiting someone’s profile and pushing a button there, seeing as not all achievement-worthy contributions to our project merit a forum posting.

    Lastly, I realize I might have overshot my idea for a first iteration of this feature. The privacy-part isn’t really necessary. I figure some of the workload could be cut if you just used the activity messages? At its simplest it wouldn’t even have to track the kinds and respective amount of nominations any given user has, it only has to push a message to the activity feed when any user nominates another, like:

    ### @Sadr nominated @DJPaul for the [image] “Gift of Speech” achievement. ###

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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