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Not showing up in admin menu

  • jjones7


    Hello. Its probably me being an idiot, but I cant seem to see an admin menu for the new welcome pack.

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  • Hi!

    Look under “Settings”.

    Hmm… ditto here, any ideas? I’ve tried deactivating/reactivating, will keep playing with it. Thanks for the update, Paul! :)

    The top-level BuddyPress menu is being removed from a future BuddyPress release. I’m preparing early by moving my plugins’ settings screens to underneath the main “Settings” menu. Simple as that.



    Hello. Its not showing up in the settings menu on either main sites or subsites.

    Try looking in network admin?



    Not there either.

    Very odd.

    Same here, I’ve looked in both admin and network admin. Hmm..

    Ariel Churi


    Same here. Both places. “Emails” is there however.

    I can’t recreate this, and I need more information rather than “it doesn’t work” to try to help. It works for me.

    If it’s non-multisite, and you’re logged in as an Admin, it will be under the regular Settings menu.
    If it is multisite, you need to be logged in as a Site Admin, it will be under Network Admin > Settings.

    Hi Paul – same for me as Ariel, “Emails” shows up, but the settings item does not. Still investigating on my own, though any tips you might have would be great – what information could I give you that would help?

    I have a multisite, with BuddyPress. This line, in the function setup_menu in welcome-pack-admin.php is executing, but not working for some reason:

    add_options_page( __( ‘Welcome Pack’, ‘dpw’ ), __( ‘Welcome Pack’, ‘dpw’ ), ‘manage_options’, ‘welcome-pack’, array( ‘DP_Welcome_Pack_Admin’, ‘admin_page’ ) );

    Okay, I’ve deactivated all plugins, deleted welcome pack keys in wp_options, reverted to twenty eleven, reactivated the welcome pack – still no dice. :/ Tried replacing add_options_page with add_submenu_page, that didn’t work. What could I be missing? I’m not sure what to try next.. thanks.

    @katieben are you using multisite? Are you logging in as a site admin when trying this? And I assume you’re using Welcome Pack 3.x ?

    Hi everybody.
    I´m using WP 3.2.1 MultiSite + BuddyPress 1.5 + Welcome Pack 3.1
    Can´t find admin menu neither on site admin nor in network admin.
    Any clue on how to fix this?



    HI Paul, Me too.. I have gone through the usual thing of deactivating all plugins etc. Using WP 3.2.1 MultiSite + BuddyPress 1.5 + Welcome Pack 3.1. If it helps I am using it on a ‘live’ site.

    @Paul yes to all of the above..

    Same here: not visible in admin menu

    Same thing here as stated above. The plugin is not visible. Any solutions?

    I can’t recreate and don’t have any solution. I am going to look at it more when I get more time.

    Thanks, Paul.

    If it would be helpful to have a version of my site (with the bug) to work with, please let me know and I’ll see if I can get that to you.



    Hi Paul

    I’m experiencing the same issue. In addition to what the others have tried, I also tried logging errors and a few hacks on the plugin to no avail.

    WP 3.2.1
    BP 1.5.1
    Welcome Pack 3.1

    Looks like I am having a similar problem – I can’t even get past the setup screen… there is no next button anywhere!



    Same problem on my installation. Is it possible to fix this ?

    Anybody heard anything more on this. Tried a few more tricks and can’t get the plugin to work.

    Sarah Gooding


    Same issue with WP 3.2.1, BP 1.5.1, and Multisite. cannot locate Welcome Pack settings within the settings menu.

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 29 total)
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