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oEmbed for BP 0.6-beta available!

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    *** UPDATE (09/27/11): BuddyPress 1.5 is out and includes a lot of the new code I was writing for my plugin. I’m currently juggling a few things that are taking priority over working on the plugin. It will be released when it’s released! ***

    *** UPDATE (02/24/11): This is an old beta. I’m currently rewriting the plugin. New version will be out when BP 1.3 drops. There might be a RC version before then. ***

    A public beta is now available:

    It’s pretty much stable as I’ve had a few people testing it.

    * Changed oEmbed caching logic for performance reasons (thanks apeatling)
    * Added support for WP non-oEmbed handlers (more info can be found [here](
    * Added partial support for resizing embed items based on component (more info can be found in the “Other Notes” section)
    * Added support for group descriptions and profile fields (disabled by default)
    * Added support to whitelist an embed link so it stays as a link (more info can be found in the “Other Notes” section)
    * Added support to remove oEmbed cache when a forum post is deleted
    * Added support for other plugin developers to utilize the plugin
    * Added a CSS class around embedded item for theme designers
    * Added transparent background to flash content by default
    * Fixed fatal error if the activity, forum or group components were disabled (thanks dcservices for reporting)
    * Fixed embed bug where both an @mention + an embed link was used in the same update, the embed link would break (thanks sicksight for reporting)
    * Fixed issue where hyperlinking an embeddable link and inputting the same link in plain text would output the embedded item multiple times
    * Fixed AJAX bug where if an embed link returned javascript, the activity stream on an AJAX request would break; now returns URL on AJAX request if content is javascript (requires server to support HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH)

    As noted in the changelog, the main new features are resizing of content and support for group descriptions and profile fields.

    **Please view the readme.txt for full details on how to enable these features**

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