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oEmbed not working with latest version?

  • Stigmartyr


    Hello – I see that the plugin is not yet compatible with WP 3.2.1 does this explain why links to youtube are no longer auto embedding?

    I haven’t seen anyone else report this yet – but am curious. I just updated to the latest Buddypress and WordPress yesterday.


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  • r-a-y


    What version of BuddyPress are you using?

    Basic oEmbed support is now in BuddyPress core as of BP 1.5-beta-1, so you can just input a link on its own line and it will embed content from the most popular sites like YouTube.

    As for my plugin, I’m currently working on an update. Wait until BP 1.5-beta-3 or when BP 1.5 final drops.

    v0.52 of my plugin allowed you to input a URL anywhere in the textarea; this will change in the upcoming version to follow WP’s own implementation. Links will need to be on their own line. Unfortunately, this will consequently break all old links I’m afraid.

    I might add some backwards-compatibility if I have more time or at the very least, a filter, so plugin devs can change this behaviour.



    Thanks Ray – using ver 1.2.9 initially it wasn’t working, and so I started playing with things having used similiar plugins on our old SMF forum. I found an odd behavior that might make more sense to you..

    So if when I initially post a forum topic and I put a youtube link on it’s own line like this:

    ^It will not auto-embed, rather only a URL is printed. But if I take that link and format it like this then it works:

    Stranger further, if I edit the post or even delete the entire thread and try again with the same URL without any &variable it will autoembed..

    Not sure what is going on there ray but thank you for checking back.

    If it helps, links like this (below) don’t autoembed either, but youtube has been throwing alot of URL changes in the mix lately too so I imagine they’ve been a nightmare to track. I know that everyday users will just go to the site and grab the first available URL without thought of formating it first..

    Other links format examples that don’t autoembed for me:



    p.s. well I guess I should have put some of those links in back ticks but I can’t edit them now..

    You can still see which ones the mod didn’t catch tho ;)

    My forum seems to be consistent when `&feature=player_embedded` is added to the URL…



    I tried with jor without oEnbed with feature=player_embedded but also failed. Setting > Media is already checked.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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