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Only allow a certain amount of invites per member total

  • Geet Jacobs


    Hey there,

    Great plugin, use it on two sites and now I am building a private invite only site. We plan to do a round of 50 users at first, then allow each member to invite 5 people, then later allow them to invite anyone they want.

    I am wondering if that is something with some custom hacking I could achieve with Invite Anyone or if there is a better solution.

    I see you have an option for maximum invites per user at a time, maybe I could duplicate that and check the user invite count and show/hide form onces it is met?

    Is this maybe a feature you could see adding as a default option?

    *Side question, any idea of how to not let users register unless invited? Only found “Secure Invites” but doesn’t seem to work with wordpress 3.2 and BP 1.29 and for surely not with BP 1.5 beta 3

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  • Geet Jacobs


    I wanted to double check to see if this is something that I could hack or if there are any plans to add this as an option?

    Boone Gorges


    Sorry I didn’t see your post the first time around.

    It’s not built in to IA, but you could hack it. Essentially, you could use the invite_anyone_get_invitations_by_inviter_id() (defined in by-email/by-email-db.php) to get a list of the user’s invitations, and based on that information, hide the invitation fields. I’ve opened an issue so I might remember to look at it in more detail if I get a chance; if you want to follow.

    > any idea of how to not let users register unless invited?

    Yes. Disable regular WP registrations (how you do that depends on when you’re running Network Mode). Then make sure that on the Invite Anyone settings, you’ve checked “Allow email invitations to be accepted even when site registration is disabled”.

    Geet Jacobs


    you rock Boone!

    I got it working well with some hackery. I posted on the github issue 80 with how to achieve this if anyone else here needs this function.


    Nick Forest


    @Geet Jacobs – thanks, this is exactly what I’m looking for…
    @Boone Gorges – thanks and I think is a good idea to implement this feature in the plugin, especially now that ‚ÄúSecure Invites” is not compatible anymore with last version of WP and BP, and there is no other (at least free) solution for private/exclusive network with invitation only.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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