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Page and template suggestions from Theme Unit and Review

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  • Tammie Lister


    @DJPaul: Cool thanks. Not seeing response on background yet but only when you have time please.

    I have mixed feelings about a home tab. In my own themes I let the user decide that with the WordPress 3.0 menus. It’s a really easy thing to do for them but perhaps it would throw people in an already established theme.

    Background is easy to put in, but harder to do it properly. Have since been sidetracked modifying the footer.

    Tammie Lister


    Hehe no problem it’s only when goes for theme review it’s essential that is in anyway.



    I agree, but when people install BP and go to the front page the home tab is missing… I think it should be coded with the same hard links now but include if statement that calls the menu instead if they have one. The reason is for child theme compatibility. If I had a child theme and installed and it tossed out every single page as a menu I’d freak. So with an if statement it will just use the old nav and then give opportunity to use WP menus. Then depreciate that in 1.3

    Many hours later, I have just committed r3458 which modifies the page footer template and adds a widget sidebar (with four widget areas) and added custom background support. For those not running trunk, here’s what it looks like.

    Nice one – I’ll run an update on trunk locally and have a look at that in the morning. (note: avoided the overused ‘Awsome’ but that is not meant to denigrate your effort :) )

    BTW it’s probably worth following 2010’s lead and switching to a plain HTML System Doctype without formal identifiers what people like to call a HTML5 DTD then can introduce elements such as ‘section’ .

    Tammie Lister


    @DJPaul: Footer sidebar widgets.. 3 words that are truly great going together :)

    They would be great going together if only WP would initiate some other form of adding content areas without having to call them ‘sidebars’ which at the best of times is not great naming convention, describe what the content is not it’s presentation.

    Tammie Lister


    Widget blocks? I do agree though does about as much for semantic as a chocolate teapot does for pottery.




    Cool! Great minds DO think alike ;-)
    See the footer of my BuddyLite theme:

    At least it proves we’re not both mad :)


    @modemlooper: Sorry for this mess. I haven’t realized that the latest Theme Checker is scanning the BuddyPress Default Theme directory. Already replied to your comment

    @Paul: I’ll check the latest build against the current and the upcoming rules for WP 3.1 in the next days.


    Chris, thanks.

Viewing 13 replies - 26 through 38 (of 38 total)
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