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  • i installed a brand new version of buddy press and a brand new version of gpress today. after I create a new place, it says its saves but when I go to view the place ( I get PAGE NOT FOUND error. although, on the front page it shows the title and the map only as a post. When I try to click on the link to the post, it take me to the same error.

    Is this plugin still not compatible with the newest version of buddypress, or am i doing something wrong.


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  • This sounds like it could be a common problem WordPress has with custom post types and permalinks, all you will need to do is re-visit your permalink page, save and refresh that page, then return to your site and you should find that the rewrite rules have been flushed and the custom post types (in this case “places”) can now be viewed with pretty permalinks…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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