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path to image wrong. site room domain not correct

  • Hi,

    I have afresh install of WP3, buddypress and pb-press album+ 1.7.
    The images are not dispalyed and it apears that there is an extra “d” caracter appended after the .com on the site domain name. To be specific: This is a test install on my local PC. The site name is, but the path to the image is
    “http://zbuddy.comd/zbuddy3/wp-content/uploads/album/3/Forest-Flowers-500×375-120×120.jpg” , so obviously the image is not found. (note the extra “d” after .com


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    My guess is you’ve set the wrong site domain in the WordPress config menu. You keyed in “zbuddy.comd” and you should have keyed in “”. The plugin then asks WordPress for the site domain, WordPress gives the incorrect value, and BP Media writes it to the database. Change it to the correct value and everything will work properly for *future* uploads.

    Also, make sure you have your hosts.txt file set up to grab that domain name and route it back to your local computer before it goes out to the DNS server, otherwise it will just 404 on every page.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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