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  • I’m having trouble with hidden projects. When I create a hidden project, still everyone in the group with default “doer” permissions can see it.

    Is this a known bug? Is there a reason this is happening? Thanks @SlaFFik looks like a great plug-in if I can iron out the details.

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  • @truthlight
    Project status are not working for now. It uses group status, so if the group is hidden, then the project will be too, private group – private project. The same for public. But all members that have roles in GTM and are not guests can see all projects/tasks.
    I didn’t implement hidden/private/public projects (and all their tasks) within one group. But I will in the future.

    Oh ok, bit of a bummer for my purposes. The one option on the project is ‘hidden‘ – only admin and those who have task will be albe to see their parts, so it appears as though the option is there but it just does not work I guess right?

    I want to use this plug-in on a production site, do you have an ETA when this feature may work? Can a donation speed things up? Would it be hard for us to implement this ourselves?

    Thanks for the quick response!

    @SlaFFik Hi ~ Another big questions – I am seeing only 20 groups in wp-admin to choose from which have the GTM enabled. I have more than 20 groups and right now I’m not able to enable on the extra groups I have.

    Is this a bug as well or is there an easy way to update this in the code?


    20 groups – thanks for pointing me to that. Will fix in next version.

    @SlaFFik Sounds great. I was hoping to use this on a live production site with major project management, we installed it and have spent some time skinning it. Do you have an estimate on when the next version might be out? The main features we need are:

    Ability to put on more groups than the first 20, hidden projects are truly hidden, and project activity does not go into the site activity stream when it is in a private or hidden group unless you are a member of that project, then you should be able to see it.

    Best and lots of potential here!

    @slaffik Any idea when you might be aiming for a new update where we can have more than 20 groups and hidden projects are actually hidden as well as projects in hidden and private groups the activity doesn’t show up in the main activity stream?

    I’m definitely willing to donate to help with your efforts.


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    Great stuff. So have we fixed the 20 group issue in wp-admin? How about the project status? Thanks for the hard work, it is appreciated.

    Slava Abakumov


    20 groups issue was fixed in v1.5 :)
    Project status was commented out – currently it’s the same as group has. I can’t imagine environments when they are needed.

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    Ok thanks for the reply !:~ )

    You said in an earlier update you we’re going to rewrite the code, did that happen? I’m just curious if you plan on doing that sometime, or if you feel this is a product that is going to do well over the long term as is and you’ll just keep building on it.

    Gratitude for your creative efforts, and to your sponsor!

    Thanks :)
    The code rewrite is almost done. In general small fixed and new featured will be in every new release.
    I will maintain actively this plugin.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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