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PHP 5.3.0 and BP-Media :-(

  • dcoschroeder


    I’m a little bummed out. I keep coming back and forth to this website hoping that BP-Media will release another Nightly Build or that BP-Media 1.9 might become official. Finally I got so impatient, I checked out the SVN version and installed it on my site. It appears my wait has been in vain. I need PHP 5.3.0 to run it on my website. I have 5.2.9. I followed BP-Media’s instructions and talked with my webhost about upgrading to at least 5.3.0. I got a big no can do from JustHost. I know that JustHost is not going to be the type of server that BP-Media will run most effectively on, but I was hoping I could benefit from your development somehow. My heart is saddened :-(

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  • Sama Web


    This will be a problem for me too! I think the majority of the cheap web hosts aren’t upgraded yet to PHP 5.3.0. i.e. Blue Hosting, Monster Host, HostGator, JustHost. Of course once your buddypress site gets a decent amount of members, none of these hosts will be sufficient and you will need to go to dedicated hosting.



    Guys, PHP 5.3.0 was released 2009-6-30. If your web host has taken 2.5 years to upgrade, its time to look for a new web host.

    As we say on the features page and throughout our documentation, do not try to run BuddyPress and BP-Media on a cheap web host. Social media hosting requires huge amounts of bandwidth and CPU time. If you’re paying $1.99 a month for hosting, your host will SUSPEND your site as soon as you get any kind of traffic.

    If you can’t afford a whole $40/month for a dedicated virtual server, use a cloud hosting platform like RackSpace Cloud or Media Temple Grid. These start at $10 month and $20 month respectively.

    Do not EVER use BlueHost, HostMonster, or JustHost shared hosting for a BuddyPress site. HostGator is acceptable, but only on their reseller and VPS plans. If you pick the $3.99 a month plan you’ll probably get cut off. Incidentally, HostGator is currently running PHP 5.3.5



    PS: 5.3.0 is not a hard requirement. We just haven’t tested the plugin with lower versions of PHP yet.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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