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[Plugin: Buddypress Sitewide activity Widget] CSS Customization Acts Weird

  • That’s not as descriptive as it should be but.

    I installed it, and right away I wanted to hide the display of avatars. To my surprise, I had to add the CSS to _inc/css/default.css instead of style.css, and even then, it ignored some of my calls (like ‘display:none’ when I tried to hide the avatars). I went in to the plugin itself to remove the avatar call line, just to get an idea of layout, and it kept the avatar indent.

    This plugin remains a fantastic idea, but customization is such a bear that I went back to RSS for now.

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    Brajesh Singh


    hi ipstenu
    I am not sure how you added the CSS but plugin does not control the way css is loaded, so It is not an issue with the plugin.
    I will suggest you to use firebug and inspect whether the css were loaded correctly or not.

    CSS will take effect if it is loaded, it does not matter via the parent theme or the child theme. Please point me to the section of style.css and how you added css there.May be I can find some reason why It did not applied.

    If possible, re add the css to style.css and use the firebug to check what’s happening underneath.

    Reinstalled just now. It honors CSS in my style.css now (which is where I always put it). I don’t know why it ignored it before!

    I’m massaging the heck out of the CSS now to make it more streamlined.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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