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plugin corrections

  • In bp-cubepoint-functions.php

    The function:

    needs to be amended to remove the ‘ul’ markup otherwise mal-formed markup is generated. top level items on the adminbar already have a parent ul described.

    In bp-cubepoint-core.php I noticed the use of ‘::’ which is 5.2.3 specific syntax any one with a slightly older version of PHP (which won’t be uncommon) will run into issues.

    This issue surrounding syntax use has arisen on another thread. If possible alternatives should be used that are more backward compatible friendly.

    I note an odd disconnect you have run a check on get_option(‘cp_donation’) and if it returns false you do not show the points value and link to donate on the bp-adminbar – all good! however not so great is the cubepoints widgets which still show the link to donate points despite it being disabled in admin options, could you pass that on to the cubepoint lads, they may want to amend that .

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  • Tosh



    I removed the `

      ` in the `my_bp_admin_bar_points()` function and it still shows up fine in the admin bar. Thanks for the tip! I’ll pass info onto the Cubepoints developers about the widget.

      What can I replace the `::` with instead?

      `function bp_cubepoint_get_points($args = ”){
      return BP_CubePoint_Point::query_points($args);

      function bp_cubepoint_get_point_count($args = ”){
      return BP_CubePoint_Point::query_points($args,true);

    The :: is debatable as discussed on the other thread WP is stopping support for anything under PHP 5.2.3 so many might say it’s fine to use this syntax yet it will break in anything under 5.2.3, not sure it can be replaced without instantiation of the class, but I admit my understanding of classes is limited, I’m more a procedural guy, and all in all I’m probably being overly alarmist.

    (I also understand that the double colon will be changed soon to double backslash ??!!)
    “People love PHP so much because it was written by a rodeo clown on acid.”

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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