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bp-album plugin still alive?

  • gregsmith



    I’m completely new to Buddypress and bp-album. I’m looking to allow users to upload images into galleries that then get posted to the activity stream.

    bp-album seems like the best thing to use but all sources don’t seem to be updated for about a year, including the latest github version. There seems to be a number of mentions of support for multiple albums coming soon. I’m on version from github which doesn’t seem to have it.

    Is this the latest version? Is development still going on?


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  • shanebp




    We’re doing just fine, thanks … 🙂

    The reason the sources haven’t been updated in over a year is because the app is mature and nothing has needed updating. That’s a good sign in my books. It means you can build on top of our stuff without having to worry about it breaking.

    For fast responses (like 24 hour turn time) contact us on GitHub:

    People post random support questions about BP-Album all over the Internet, and it can take *months* for us to find them.



    This is hardly correct – it does not work with theme support in BP 1.7 or later (the code in that supposedly provides this is incomplete and non-functional). Also, you commented out the pagination code in (this worked in earlier versions). I had to hack your plug-in to get these working, plus I added a link on all pic pages to access the full size version of the image (I don’t why you never did this, as the code is all there – I just had to add the link). I agree it seems quite robust otherwise though (although I also felt it necessary to modify your CSS, but this is arguably just a matter of aesthetics/taste).



    use buddypics its same as bp album with few fixes. get it from



    Just a quick query (sorry to hijack your thread @gregsmith!)

    I’ve installed buddypics but it doesn’t seem to allow me to create ‘albums’. All I can see it will do is add an ‘album’ tab to the profile menu where you can upload individual images.

    Is there a way to upload images into albums? ie; each album having multiple images?




    no idea, but there is a new album plugin out, MediaPress by BuddyDev.

    Topic closed.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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