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Preview of Version 1.8 – Awards

  • Tosh


    The new feature coming with version 1.8 is awards! You can change the name of awards to what you will. Here is a preview. Award images and titles are just a place holder. You can change each image and title to your liking in the admin section. Or you can turn off this feature all together if you really want to.

    You can award trophies based on the following. I’ll have a few options for each type of award as well.

    Total Groups Created
    Total Friends
    Total Updates
    Total Replies
    Total Group Forum Topics Created
    Total Group Forum Replies
    Total Blog Comments
    Total Blog Posts
    Total Blog Posts in a certain category

    Awards for how many points a user has.

    I haven’t got notifications to work along with this, I may have to release it without it and add it later if I figure it out.

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  • Yeah! jsut what I was looking for :-)
    was thinking about a modded version of GIFTS… but this is way better!



    Made a lot of progress on this, I added more types of awards too. Glad you like it :)

    besides I was just going to ask if your plugin can support giving points for blog posts too but I see they are listed above in the awards but not in the normal options interface. no points for blog posts?



    You can set the point value for blog posts, blog comments and logging in daily in the parent plugin cubepoints. The settings is at the bottom of the sidebar.

    hm, I see but why are those values not shown in the output, i.e. here: ?



    They are actually, this is a straight copy and paste from your site:

    Blog Activity

    5 Points – Blog Comment
    20 Points – Blog Post


    100 Points – Becoming a Member
    5 Points – Daily Login

    :-( must have been an acute case of blindness that let me miss that.
    sorry for wasting your time.



    I have it mostly complete, there can be a total of 65 awards plus 1 for completing all the awards. You can select anywhere from 1 – 65 awards. Totally your choice.

    Personally on my website I’m just going to have 45 including the award for all awards.


    Added support for Simple:Press Forum as well – 5 award slots for that.



    can you add support for bbpress forum on this




    Great Plugin, Cubepoints and Achievements are my favorite two plugins for buddypress.
    I was wondering, would it be possible to add a Award Description field? Atm I have just a title and image field and I’d like to put in a description message that comes along with the award. That way I can congratulate the members, or use it like a sort of quiz that with awards they can unlock a part of a story.

    Was also wondering if perhaps in future is there any plan of implementing the WP Survey and Quiz Plugin? It would be fun to make Quizzes and let my members earn points and awards for doing them.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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