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Priority of Protocols & Purposes, etc. (case studies?)

  • Arx Poetica


    That may seem a strange title, but I think it would be useful to discuss scenarios of distributed interoperability. For example, what would be the end goal of incorporating protocols. What are the best tactics & strategies to employ? To start things out, let’s just brainstorm in hypotheticals. At this point it should be “anything goes.” No bad ideas. We can refine in other threads and be more exacting. Consider this a wish list.

    To simplify things, lets consider distr. networking in terms of it’s most basic parts, and maybe a question or two to go with that. These questions can then be broken off into their own threads if needs be.

    1. identity — does WP/BP become an identity hub? Where is identity retained? Will WP/BP recognize outside identifiers?
    2. discovery — what does the ideal user interface/interaction look like? What is worthy of being discovered? URL? Email? Site? Blog?
    3. self integration — what can buddypress sites expect to share, from one site to another?
    4. extended integration — what sorts of data messaging will we receive/send with 3rd parties (non-buddypress) sites?
    5. data & content — JSON or XML?
    — Is the Activity Streams protocol sufficient?
    — What about microformats, hcard, etc.
    — What sorts of semantic data innovations do and don’t exist that can or can’t be leveraged, and is there anything we really need to invent?
    6. authentication — what needs to be different from the norm?
    7. standards & other communities — what set of standards do we follow?
    — do we seek outside assistance or pioneer in the hopes that others will follow?
    8. wishlists & goals — what’s your (specific) draw/goal in distributing buddypress?
    — what are you not considering as concerns others?

    Please add to this list as you feel fit. As I said, we can break any one of these off into its own thread needs be for a more exact approach.

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