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Privacy Options / Anti Bot

  • foxly


    I haven’t tried-out the plugin yet, but based on our experiences with BP-Media and other projects, it’s important that you build-in a way for users to shut off any or all of their generated public feeds, and throttle bandwidth.

    Firstly for privacy. Secondly for spammers.

    If there is a user on a site that talks a lot about mobile phones, video games, herbal supplements… pretty much any “big leagues” SEO topic, you will eventually have thousands and thousands of spambots (we had 3,600 one one feed in one day) scraping your feeds to use as content on your site.

    Keep these things in mind when you’re designing the plugin.

    Looking forward to using it!


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  • Boone Gorges


    Thanks for the tip. Right now the feeds can be shut off one at a time, and if an admin didn’t want any of the feeds, they could just uninstall the plugin :). Good caching would also help, but that’s probably a BP (or even WP) core issue with the way feeds are handled.

    It’s a good idea to think about user-specific settings. It’d be nice if users could turn off feeds for their own activity. I’ll definitely see what I can do about making BP Lotsa Feeds compatible with Jeff’s Privacy Component once it’s released.

    My view on this is that regular people don’t know what RSS is, let alone use it. The user should have a central option to control who can see their activity on the site, regardless of how it is exposed (i.e HTML or XML).

    I too am looking forward to seeing how Jeff’s plugin works in practice.



    @jeffsayre Your fanboys are here waiting for you.

    Jeff Sayre


    News about my BuddyPress Privacy Component is imminent!

    Jeff Sayre


    Privacy Comes to BuddyPress (very soon)!



    Nice, Jeff! Just a bit more than a month :)

    Jeff Sayre


    And as I simply responded to a posting on my activity stream, I did not see that this was a forum for a plugin. So, I’ve inadvertently hijacked Boone’s forum. Sorry.

    Please continue any discussions about the upcoming BuddyPress Privacy Component here.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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