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Private BuddyPress, More Privacy Options, BP MPO Activity Filter, Network Privacy

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    How does Private BuddyPress play with More Privacy Options and/or Network Privacy?

    I want to make sure that my network blogs (including main blog) are:
    1) Hidden from search engines, and
    2) Are only visible to logged-in members (including BuddyPress features), and
    3) I want blog posts to show in BP Activity Stream.

    With Private BuddyPress installed, and set to “I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors”, item (1) and (2) are covered, BUT blog posts don’t show in activity stream because BuddyPress filters “private” blogs.

    By adding More Privacy Options (or, I assume, Network Privacy), I get three additional options.

    When I select “Blog visible to any logged in community member”, it seems to allow blog posts to show in activity stream again. Does anyone have any experience with a combination like this? Am I missing something that might be a security/privacy issue? Has anyone had conflicts between the plugins?

    Also, how would Private BuddyPress differ from the combination of More Privacy Options + BP MPO Activity Filter?


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