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Private message not received

  • Hi again paul (you just helped me on another issue!)

    I just downloaded the welcome pack plugin and activated the private message on registration function. I added a test member and they haven’t received my message.

    Any ideas?

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  • How are you registering the new member?

    I’m signing up as if I was the User – so just through the create new account page.

    I reinstalled and still nothing. Does the message have to come from an admin?

    Hi @DJPaul

    (Sorry if you’re busy – maybe I should have waited longer?)

    I just wondered if you had any ideas on this? I read the instructions and have done everything as it says. I’ve deleted everything and reinstalled (and it still has all my customised messages etc), but they are still not received when a new user logs on for the first time. The plugin is just what I need so I’m eager to use it!

    It should work. I mean, if it’s not sending the private message inside BuddyPress, something’s sadly broken. I assume you’ve actually enabled the Private Message component in BuddyPress? (It’s enabled by default).

    I’ll have a test this weekend

    Hi @DJPaul

    Any news on this? Do you know of any conflicting plugins?

    I am experiencing the same problem! :(

    Don’t know anything yet. I hope to take a look this weekend if I get time

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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