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Problem adding new language

  • Hi, in order to add italian language i’ve updated the plugin modifying home.php file in the theme. Than, i’ve created a new language file called bp-profile-privacy-it_IT.po/.mo but translation doesn’t appear. Need i to insert language files in a specific folder?

    In bp-profile-privacy-core.php file there is this code: load_textdomain( ‘bp-profile-privacy’, dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/bp-profile-privacy/languages/’ . get_locale() . ‘.mo’ );

    But folder in the domain is called “buddypress-profile-privacy” and don’t seems to join with the recall.

    However, in bp-profile-privacy-core.php dont’t we need to use load_textdomain function instead of load_plugin_textdomain?

    Thnk you very much for the help and great job!

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  • modemlooper


    oops, should be like below.

    `if ( file_exists( dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/languages/’ . get_locale() . ‘.mo’ ) )
    load_textdomain( ‘bp-profile-privacy’, dirname( __FILE__ ) . ‘/buddypress-profile-privacy/languages/’ . get_locale() . ‘.mo’ );`

    put .mo file in the languages folder

    But actually wich name we should use cause i tried to do that, and to rename files just to es_ES and bp-profile-privacy-es_ES and its not working!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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