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Problem with Facebook Connect…

  • Ali Erkurt


    Hello. I’m using the latest trunk and plugin versions of BP-Facebook Connect and Facestream. When I try to run both plugin at the same time, I get errors and the site goes down. When I deactivate one of the plugins, it’s cool.

    I tried to change API and secret keys. I’ve created new apps for both plugins. But result is the same…

    Same time working causes problems. What can I do? I need both plugins.

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  • Peter Hofman


    No solutiuon found yet but i will contact the developer of facebook connect and see if we can work something out

    Hi, does this mean that it is possible to use Facebook connect with BuddyPress? I’m looking for a means to build a community whereby people can either use the native profiling i.e. Buddy Press or just join using FB connect and have all of the avatar, profile pictures and streams show regardless of how someone chose to sign up.

    Is that possible? Is anyone doing it?

    Peter Hofman


    well i have created facestream to get alle facebook activity to the bp activity, someone else made the fb connect plugin but they are no compatible together yet.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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