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[Resolved] Problem with translate activity.

  • Hello.
    I translate activity like that: “%1$s started the topic %2$s in the forum %3$s” but it’s don’t want to translate me.. I use the newest pot file..

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  • Resolve.

    Do you mean you figured out your problem? What was it?



    What was the solution. I have the same problem

    I have the same problem with “wrote a new post” it wont translate it. There are other words that it wont translate as well. Can anybody provide a fix please?

    it wont translate: What’s new %username



    Since then, is there a fix for this? I have the same problem!



    Not sure if I’m adding anything new to this issue, but in my case and so far I’ve only identified these two translation entries not translated. The rest looks ok.

    – ” %1$s created the group %2$s “, referenced to bp-groups-actions.php line 141
    – ” %1$s started the forum topic %2$s in the group %3$s “, referenced to bp-groups-forums.php line 110 and 142



    Well, it seems that these errors are no more there.

    What I did to fix it? Nothing !

    But I did one thing that I’m 90% sure could be related.
    My translation when saved creating automatically .po and .mo files from poedit software, was giving an error message mentioning 4 lines with bad control sequence as far as I recall.

    Those errors were fixed and now my .po and .mo files are clean. I’m assuming this was causing the missing translation for those lines.

    So, my advice is to check if translation files are error clean, it looks like if not these errors may happen.



    Hi have same problem, i con’t solve it, I’ve downloaded other translation files .mo directly, It doesn’t work.

    ā€œ%1$s started the topic %2$s in the forum %3$sā€ not translated

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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