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probs with latest WP, BP and buddystream plugin

  • Everything works fine except no items from Facebook are being imported. I run the cron job, twitter gets imported but not FB.
    Nothing in the log files. What else to check?

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  • oh, am I supposed to give this plugin my FB APP ID and APP Secret?
    Most other plugins ask for API KEY and APP Secret…

    I opened the url in a browser and the result is:

    `Twitter imported Facebook imported 2.0083489418 seconds Buddystream cron done loading`

    so it seems to be working but why do I only see twitter updates in my activity stream?

    Just checked: in the DB the setting is properly saved:

    `umeta_id user_id meta_key meta_value
    74 1 facestream_synctoac 1`

    any idea how to turn on debugging?

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    You need to create the Facebook Application at this link after you log into Facebook:

    Add the Site Name, the Site URL (followed by a /) and the locale.
    Once you do that you will need to record the


    NOT the API KEY

    no go for me. as I said, the URl in the browser reports success and the Db says its enabled for this user I am testing with.
    any debugging I can do?

    and the cronjob reports: Twitter imported Facebook imported 1.98572087288 seconds Buddystream cron done loading :-(

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    Peter Hofman


    Facebook importing problem is found and fixed for next release.

    I was going nuts here trying to find anything of significance in my logs :-)
    Thanks you so much!

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    Yep, that the beauty of BETA, but I’m so glad that many of you decide to try these plugins and report your findings to us… it’s the only way we can learn what is happening with them “in the wild”… TY.

    :-) of course that is the way it works…
    Unfortunately, and this is the only drawback to beta testing, some of the plugins just disappear or get abandoned, leaving you out there to find an alternative!

    Good work though! thanks for the great plugin.

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    automatic upgrade just gave me WSOD and I had to remove the plugin from cpanel. I made the mistake of not copying the error…anyone else get this?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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