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Profile Page CSS

  • shiv223


    Do i need to create css for profile page of buddypress,Because i saw in many sites that all of there profile page is coming very well with simple and gentle look.But for me its coming very badly and the crop functionality is not working properly do i need to change something to make it work or i have to write some code myself to do.
    Thanks in advance for the help.
    Below is the attached image look at it.
    Its Coming like this

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  • shiv223


    Is there anyone who can help?

    @shiv223 it’s a bit too early to be bumping posts.

    Your issues are theme related I’m afraid, we style BP screens as far as is possible to sit in as many themes as possible or better put we have attempted to clear out as much styling as possible in order that we don’t conflict with a themes styling.

    You will be needing to add styles to your theme to manage the BP elements how you do this is dependent on your theme really, but you will need to create a child theme to keep those adjusted styles in, which styles you need to change we can’t say you will need to identify them using a browsers development tool app to find the CSS ruleset names. If all that sounds too difficult or your CSS skills are limited then it might be better to find a theme that works better with BP.

    As for the avatar crop this may help, but I’m guessing at your setup and issue here so can’t really say but you could try dropping it into the bottom of your style sheet.

    .jcrop-holder  img,
    #avatar-crop-pane  img {
     max-width: none ;
     width: auto !important;



    Thanks a lot @hugo.
    I will try to add css myself.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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