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profile page integration

  • cezar


    i checked the new function and i could notice two things:
    1. the map isn’t showing, this is just like in the topics we discussed before in the other thread about settings page.
    2. the layout of register page is a bit skewed (see here: i checked the DOM and it would be better if #gmaps-location-section could come after #profile-details-section which is a section likely to be there on all subscription pages.


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  • Forgot to check what it would look like in BP-Default – I am using Twenty Ten – agree it looks a but strange with the style used for BP-Default, and will move the map to the very end…

    However, the map still initializes for me when using BP-Default – or at least, it does once I scroll down to it (which is what it is supposed to do). Do you get any JS errors or any other indication as to what might be causing the problem / conflict…?



    no but i noticed that ui-customised.js is loaded twice. maybe that’s the problem.

    Yes, that sounds like a problem – my copy also shows it loaded twice, but I am not getting any errors nor am I having any trouble with any of the maps.

    I’ve just fixed the positioning problem and now have the map at the very end, just before the submit button, and it looks good on both themes, but before I upload this new version, I’ll try to get rid of the double-instance of the ui-customised script to see if that also helps you or not…

    Am uploading gPress now, which should go live within the next ten minutes or so – logging-off for the day too – so if there’s any other problems, let me know and I’ll try to take a quick look tomorrow…



    there is a setting in gpress>advance>misc use jqueryui on settings page. if set to no, there arent two instances of ui-customised.js but still not working.
    could it be that the problem exists because i am using a child theme? maybe a TEMPLATEPATH somewhere that should be a STYLESHEETPATH for it to work?

    That’s something else I haven’t considered! :-S

    I just tested it on a BuddyPress child theme I have and it also works without problems.

    Presume you’ve tried it in multiple browsers already and with all other plugins deactivated too, just to be sure its not another conflict with another plugin…?



    deactivate all but buddypress and gpress, tested in firefox, safari, chrome. i’m on OS X working on a local installation.



    i got this error: /duedrops/wp-content/plugins/gpress/gpress-admin/fieldtypes/gmap/gmap.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) the gmap/gmap.js doesnt exist

    the path seems to be incomplete. “” is the root.

    That’s strange…

    The address for that is based upon:

    define( ‘GPRESS_URL’, plugins_url( $path = ‘/gpress’ ) );

    If this was not working correctly, I think it would mean that nothing would be working and that there would be may more problems than just this…

    Could you try to echo out the URL in your theme somewhere…?

    …and see what comes back?

    There is only one place gmaps.js gets called, and it uses:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="/fieldtypes/gmap/gmap.js”>

    ..where TPPO_URL is defined as follows:

    define(‘TPPO_URL’, GPRESS_URL.”/gpress-admin”);

    Does anyone else have any ideas why this might be happening…?



    the problem is i have not been able to find a fieldtypes/gmap/gmap.js in the admin. where is this supposed to be?
    i echoed the path and it is correct.

    Your source code points to the following:

    This is correct! gmaps.js is the file that starts the map (when scrolling to it), and it is stored in gpress-admin/fieldtypes/gmaps/gmap.js – can you confirm that your downloaded version of gPress has that file in that folder and that it is not corrupt…?



    I can confirm that it is not present in the current version ( adding it back in from a previous version I had lying around causes a whole slew of foursquare errors relating to sessions, I’m going to assume things have changed in the gmaps.js file before I tackle these errors.

    @pinstails – what is it that is not present…? The Foursquare session problem was a major problem that got fixed several versions ago, where Foursquare requires a session, which is not started by standard WP but is started with certain plugins – and in the new versions, there is a check in place to ensure that the session has not already been started, and the functions that call these features now runs as plugin loads, as opposed to previous versions where it needed to wait for other plugins to load first – which was a method that was causing LOTS of problems with lots of other plugins.

    All these issues got resolved recently, but there seems to be a very few people who are having this problem with the profile page, but am not fully understanding the problem. Is your problem with the Public Profile page of members, the sign-up process or the geo-settings page?

    Doe it show in the source but cannot be seen on screen, does it show-up, but the map does not start, and are there any errors anywhere…? Would rather try to work with you on fixing this issues than you needing to go back to previous versions of gPress…

    FYI – gmap.js is a pretty simple file, which is dedicated to initializing the Google map once the user scrolls to it – and is the method used for starting the maps (on the geo-settings pages). If this file is not being loaded, there are going to be problems, but have not yet figured out why this is not being loaded for some people…



    Hi Mark,

    me again :) just noticed something. on the register page there is no save location button. If you just click “complete sign in” it wont save the location. maybe a submit location button would be good.

    on the public profile page (when viewed by the owner) the map appears on top. Maybe it would be a good idea to put it at the bottom so you can see a name before the address.

    can you tell me? Is there a way to set the profile map size somehow? i’d like to be able to set it smaller and use css for positioning. maybe you can add these at a later stage.



    Cezar – nice to see you back! :-)

    The “complete sign-up” should work fine, where the information is temporary stored in the meta tables with the sign-up information, and then extracted to the necessary tables after the account is activated, if it does not work for you, we will need to try to figure out why, as it works on all my test installs, and you are the first to say otherwise… In what way does it not work?

    As for adding the map to the top of the page, there are option on the “Geo-Settings” page to allow individual users to control where the map is located, and in addition, there are sitewide super admin options for overwriting these settings at “gPress Options > BuddyPress > BP Components” …

    You could just overwrite the map with your own stylesheet, but yes – you are correct that this is one of the only maps you cannot control the size of, and will have that fixed soon – thanks again for the feedback…

    May have accidentally misinformed you just now – but there is known bug with Internet Explorer and the “complete sign-up” process that we are working on and hope to have fixed by the end of our day…

    Was you using Internet Explorer when testing…?

    Please note that version should have resolved this problem. Please confirm…?

Viewing 18 replies - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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