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Progress Bar Numerical Value Display

  • Nm


    How can I get a numerical value (15 out of 100 ) to appear next to or instead of the progress bar? Members and I aren’t taking to the progress bar too well since achievements have an exact value that members are aware of and the progress bar isn’t really too informative when it comes to that status.

    Not all achievements will need this including the awards and hidden achievements. So they type of activity will need to be taken into consideration.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    You’ll have to look at the tempting function used for the progress bar. Without looking, I can’t remember if I added a direct function for such a thing or not.

    what progress bar? i dont even see one?

    If you set an event that requires something to happen multiple times, once a person starts making progress, when they visit that achievement’s page, they see a progress bar



    @djpaul I’ve got it going basically using


    // I had to do this because the count resets to zero once unlocked

    out of

    This is working only for loggedin user…and in the single achievements header next to the progress bar.

    I’m getting it working somewhat for the achievements loop too but I still have some rummaging to do to make it work for loggedin and logged out and displayed users. fun stuff.

    maybe you’ll consider adding this whole numeric view as an option — choose graphic, choose numeral, choose both.

    It’s pretty cool but it exposes the discrepancy between the achievement action counts versus the actual WP Posts & Comment counts for the user and also for users who were members before achievements implementation whose old actions aren’t counted.

    I know i had suggested before to base post and comments on the real wp number rather than the action counter. I don’t know if you might consider that in the future.

    Hi Nahum,

    Yeah, something like that is in the works. Probably Achievements to set an initial count of all this data when it’s installed so that it can trigger pre-earned achievements easily.

    Towfiq I.


    Is there anyway to integrate the progress bar to user profile? Like the ones from SMF,IPB forums(reputation bar).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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