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Propose for theme

  • When the user is logged in and was open profile of any other user in left site we have 2 column with “ME” options and options of other user. in my opinion this is discomfort because when i click somewhere in my options, the user side is gone.

    In case when we havе a up menu with our options why is necessary this “ME” menu.

    In this place can be integrated some useful buttons which have connection with the whole site.

    And last thing. I think there was be very useful an Advanced search who can search users with age (from-to), location and other, because in this case with one field is very hard to receive precise answer, and what is gonna be if the system have 1000 or 10000 users. It’s be impossible.

    This is some proposes, I really like BuddyPress, and will use it !!! :))

    For one more time excuse my english :) I hope you understand me :)

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