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  • zageek


    For a while I had a trick for fighting spam that worked. What I did was change the login slug every day then create a pseudologin page at the old slug to waste the spammers time. That worked until I couldn’t change it fast enough.

    So I resorted to changing the slug every hour and creating tons of pseudopages. That also only worked ok for a short period.

    My only other option was to stop users from registering all together. But I still get heavy traffic.

    I noticed a trend where the spammers come from the following countries, Russia, China, USA, Germany, Ukraine and other Eastern Block countries. So my current technique is to block IP addresses from all countries except my own. Works like a charm which is perfect for me because my site is aimed at users from my country only.

    If SPAM bots start to use proxy servers in my country I will contact the ISPs and have it blocked which is a lot easier to do when the ISP is in your country and has a reputation to uphold.

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  • Xevo


    Interesting but not a super solution.
    What if a person from your country tries to login to your website while on vacation or somebody that moved to another country?



    I realize that but I don’t have any other choice right now. The Sploggers are relentless. They just keep coming and keep filling up my site with crap. So far this is working perfectly.

    Its so frustrating!

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