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public galleries: buddypress-media VS. buddypress-album

  • maurice-wingfield


    goal: embed a user’s uploaded media on their profile page *must be PUBLICLY viewable*
    wordpress version: 3.4.1
    buddypress version: 1.6
    buddypress theme: custom-community (some modifications)
    bp-media version: 2.0

    I appreciate the hard work of both of these projects. Thank you for your contributions to the community.

    I installed the buddypress-album plugin several weeks ago and had little difficulty getting it set up on my site ( With the help of Zach Denton’s blog post (, I was able to display all user images in a simple jquery slideshow.

    When the site owner requested video support, I figured it would be a piece of cake to find a plugin that could do the job. Little did I know the weeks of searching and testing it would take to find the buddypress-media plugin.

    From the start, the distinction wasn’t clear between the two projects: bp-album and bp-media. Partially due to what seems like multiple “project homes”. There is the plugin homepage as listed in the wordpress plugin page ( with it’s own support forum, there’s the bp-media developer site ( that I found through google searches and there’s the project forum on which I’m now writing this post (the url suggests bp-album, but the forum itself is called ‘plugin: buddypress media’).

    From these three primary sources, I’ve learned about nightly builds, I’ve installed the newly released bp-media 2.0 plugin by rtCamp, I’ve learned why my video uploads are not working even for .MP4 videos encoded with the H.264 codec. I’ve even had to take a crash course in buddypress learning how to customize the member user interface.

    What I have not yet discovered, is how to publicly display uploaded media publicly with the bp-media plugin. As I mentioned before, I was able to do this for the bp-album plugin both with Zach Denton’s custom loop as well as the ‘Featured Content Loop’ ( and ‘Global Media Page’ ( None of the solutions that worked for the bp-album plugin are working for me with the bp-media plugin installed. I can only assume that the two plugins take a different approach in displaying members’ uploaded media.

    The most Progress I was able to make was to take a few lines of code from the bp-media-screens.php file and add them to my theme’s profile.php file:

    ` global $bp;

    The bp_media_images_screen_content function produces the error: “Sorry, no images were found.” even though the “images” sub-tab on the user profile shows all of the images they uploaded. Is there some global variable I’m not setting? Am I setting the query incorrectly? or maybe there’s some simpler way the development team has already put in place to perform this task.

    I understand your team is busy. If I’ve missed this question being answered on another thread, please direct me there.

    Thank you

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  • foxly



    “BuddyPress Album” aka “BP-Album” and “BuddyPress Media” aka “BP-Media” are built and maintained by the BP-Media Team. Our official homepage is located here: and you’re posting to our support forum.

    BP-Album is our interim solution for image hosting on BuddyPress while we finish building BP-Media, quite possibly the most sophisticated media management applications in the history of open source. BP-Media has more source code in it than WordPress and BuddyPress *combined*. We’re about 85% of the way to an alpha version.

    “BuddyPress Media Component” is built by (and occasionally maintained by) a small web development firm in India that we are not associated with. The BPMC plugin stopped working around BP version 1.2 and they abandoned it for almost 2 years. Its good to hear they’ve fixed it. Note that BPMC is just a front-end for Kaltura Media Server …you have to sign-up for a hosting account with Kaltura before you can use it, and you have to *pay* to use it if you’re storing more than a trivial amount of media items.


    As the BIG YELLOW WARNING in the BP-Media nightly build states “Nightly builds are unfinished, untested releases automatically created by our Google Code repository. They give the community a live view of our progress, like watching a construction site.”

    It’s not finished yet, so don’t expect to be able to use any of its functions.

    You correctly determined that the front-end API in BP-Media operates very differently than the front-end template functions in BP-Album. BP-Media’s front-end operates entirely in JavaScript.

    There are no template functions. It downloads JS “modules” to the user’s browser then builds all of the HTML on the client-side. This allows over a 90% reduction in bandwidth and 0.2 second page load times. It also allows us to attach to ANY template in ANY theme, even ones not controlled by BuddyPress.

    Typical code looks like this:



    // Create a test server instance to work with
    bpm.core.server = new bpm.Server();

    bpm.core.navigation = new bpm.navigation.items.Owner({

    // Load our layout engine
    bpm.core.engine = new bpm.engine.Tiler({
    thumb_template: ’tiler’,
    context: ‘owner_edit’




    Of course, while we have this sort of thing working on our dev systems, and it’s in the live code on our SVN server …if you want to play with it you’re on your own. We will not be providing any kind of support for it on the forums until we release the Alpha version of BP-Media in the fall.


    Gagan Deep Singh


    @foxly: Current version of BuddyPress Media Component is not using Kaltura, instead wordpress hosting is being used for storing the media files.

    @maurice-wingfield: Well about the MP4 not being uploaded, I guess the latest update has fixed that problem, do give it a try and upload a few MP4 files having H.264 codec. Also about not being able to use the images anywhere else, try the way I’ve explained here

    Even transcoding support is being added to the BuddyPress Media Component plugin which will let users upload any video format and then it will be converted to H.264 codec MP4 container with AAC or MP3 audio(we’re still testing for optimal output)




    I just downloaded the new version and reviewed your code. I can confirm the plugin no longer requires Kaltura. The users are going to be happy about that.

    Sounds like some good things are happening over there at rtCamp. We’ve initiated contact with you at your posted email address. Email us back …we’ve got some exciting stuff we’d like to talk to you about.




    Thank you @foxly and @gagan0123 for your responses and clearing up the differences in the two distinct plugins. While I’m using bp-media component by rtCamp, I’m excited to see what the bp-media team releases.

    Thank you @gagan0123 for directing me to a better solution than the one I hacked together since posting my original comment. Once I learned that the plugin uses the built-in wordpress media library, I was able to piece together a custom query to return image urls of media components uploaded by the displayed user.

    Again, thank you both for your contributions to the WP community.

    Gagan Deep Singh


    @foxly , Sorry to the delayed reply, but I got stuck in the project too much. Thanks for reviewing the code. Now it supports uploading of all kinds of media files. Though it will need a good server to for file conversion (
    Also we’re going to give the Kaltura support again as an addon, only this time we’ll be using it for conversion only.



    Hi guys, LOVE the BP-Media, by far one of the best plugins i have ever came across for BP. However, the BP-Album had a great feature that controls the amount of albums creations and file sizes. I was struggling to find it in the BP-Media. This is maybe one of the most important elements especially when running a community.Thanks


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