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"qtranslate style" navigation links

  • knut123


    I created a WordPress Multisite with Buddypress and qtranslate for providing translations in several languages. I have also downloaded the desired .po and .mo files.
    The URL scheme is:
    –> xx is the language code given by qtranslate (e.g. en/fr/de/…)

    The qtranslate language switcher is working properly and the buddypress page is showing the associated translated content. So far as good, because when I use the navigation links inside a buddypress page (Profile page, Member page, etc.) the “xx” language code is not present and if I navigate further, the language switches back to english (as it is the default language of the site).

    I tried to use the following code snippet in bp-core-filters.php
    ” add_filter(‘bp_core_get_root_domain’, ‘qtrans_convertURL’); ”
    Voila! Now, all buddypress links show the right “xx” language code according to the URL scheme you can see above. However, at this point the profile and group sites aren´t loading any more and I get an error message “The site has to many redirections”. This also happens if I try to copy/paste the URL in a new browser tab (which has been working properly before).

    Is anybody there who knows a solution for this problem, because qtranslate is widely used and many people would be glad if they could use buddypress together with qtranslate in this way.

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  • hugobarbosa


    Hello @knut123.

    I´m having the some problem that you have, and cannot find a solution.
    Did you find any solution for the translation problem. I tried to use the “add_filter” and it seemed that works, but I get now the error message.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?


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