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Question about Functionality and Shortcodes

  • monkfish13



    Again I apologies for posting what may well be a repeated request, but i cannot find any posts with similar requests in them.

    I have installed BP-Album and it is all working fine, but i have a couple of questions about additional functionality, that i cannot find any guidance for.

    I am wanting to allow users to post uploaded images into blog posts. IS this possible and how would you go about it.

    I have also hear that there may be sortcodes available for member to use to do this. IF so, is there any direction on this ?

    I was also wanting to know if there is any way that as users we can make requests for additional functionality to the plug-in ?

    Elements such as share buttons, copy image url, gallery and possibly image Album organization would be great to see – unless of course this functionality already exist?

    Any feedback would be appriciated.

    With thanks.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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