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Questions about GTM system ~

  • bplove


    @slaFFik Great looking plug-in here! Very impressive and an important addition to the bp family.

    I have a couple of questions perhaps you can help me understand:

    1) With this installed, will GTM be on every single group? Or can I (maybe with a bit of code of our own), make it so only some groups have access to the GTM system, some groups are project management related others are not.

    2) Will this change any of the other tabs on my groups? Or will they all remain the same? Is the only thing that this plug-in will change on the front end that it adds an extra tab to the groups tabs and all the options are available under that?

    3) During the group set up process does the group creator have the option of choosing whether they want this as part of their group?

    Thanks for your great looking production and any answers!


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  • Thanks, @bplove
    1-2) Sure you can enable GTM for some groups only. Look in GTM System admin page under BuddyPress menu for appropriate options (use checkboxes near a list of groups).
    3) No, currently not. If you enabled GTM for ALL groups, then just after creation ToDo menu in the group navigation will be. If for some group only – then this menu will not appear.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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