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Redeveloping a membership site – an integrated forum with custom groups

  • nickthompson


    The current site,, is custom-built in PHP using the Smarty template engine. It’s fully functional and all of the current features would need to be replicated in the new design, including:

    – Members submit £5 to join for a membership year (members sign up for a membership year, July-June)
    – Members can earn authority points – and buy a set amount each year.
    – Updating the investment counter
    – Admin disciplinary options: warnings, suspensions, bans.
    – Downloading an updated member mailing list.

    A friend has been messing around and brought together BuddyPress and a few other plugins (membership lite being the key to paid signups, but I’m sure you already know that). There’s a skeleton site for the original brief available here:

    I believe the most difficult part of the project will be customising the groups. We need members to be able to join groups – and to be able to hold group-only polls (where only the members of the group can vote). That’s simple enough, but these groups will need to be ranked by the combined “authority rating” of their members. Members already have an authority score on our current site – and can buy and earn authority points.

    Full details are available in a project document – just email nick [at] five pound football club dot com

    It’s only fair to let you know we’re working on a shoestring budget, as all the funds the online community raises are to be invested in a local community. It’d be great to hear from anyone that thinks they may be able to help!

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