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Remove Register Button and Troubleshoot strange bullets in main menu of admin/toolbar

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    To start of with I only want my users to be able to sign up to my site using social networks so I have set this up for Facebook, etc..

    I have also changed the code so my admin bar shows up for everyone, included visitors not logged in.

    At the moment it shows log in and register. I prefer the wp admin bar so I have defined this over bp admin bar in the wp config file, but bp has still automatically integrated with the wp admin bar I have.

    The first this is that I would like to remove the register link and possibly change the Login link to state ‘Register or Login’ but direct only to the login page (to prevent users logging in without a social network connection). Wondering how I do this? is this part of the wp admin bar or bp bar since it link to buddypress registration?

    Second thing is that under the main menu in the far right corner of the admin bar, there is a drop down which shows the various sections of buddypress. I love this and think its great, but I am having a issue in my backend where there are some strange wordpress icons showing under the text – see here 2cmszmo.png

    Any ideas how to get rid of these icons? I am using the coffee theme backend plugin in case that helps (have posted on wordpress for this plugin as well)


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