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Repeat in search results in Safari

  • angslycke


    Hi Paul!

    Excellent initiative, definitely something that should be implemented into BuddyPress Core as soon as possible. Will make @-mentions much easier to use for the “non-technical” user who’s not used to Twitter. I noticed a small bug: In Safari the list of namnes showing the suggestions will repeat the same user five times. At least when there’s only one hit. Is this in Safari only perhaps?

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  • I’ll look into it. What OS are you using, and what version of Safari, please?

    Frank Senftleben


    Perfect, works for me

    i use Mac and test with safari, firefox und chrome – works !!!!
    Thank YOU



    I’m using OS X 10.6, latest subversion and the latest Safari (version 5). Just tested on my work machine which is Windows XP and latest Chrome and got the same results. Could it have to do with my theme perhaps? Using Woothemes Canvas with the BuddyPress child theme. Have a screenshot, can I post that here?

    Hi Folks,
    This issue is happening to me too but it’s in all my browsers: Opera, Chrome and IE. At the moment I only have 3 users and a couple posts still in construction but when I use this plugin it returns 5 duplicate results for a total of (6). See screenshot linked here:

    The stylesheet is also wrong for my site but I can adjust that later. Fantastic contribution to BP btw thanks.

    The styles try to be as compatible as possible across all themes. It’s picking up some of your custom theme’s CSS (font colouring, possibly the line height, etc). It’s obviously nearly impossible to do it, but I’ll continue to tweak it as people have suggestions or good ideas.

    I assume the people who have reported duplicate results are running BP 1.2.8 and WP 3.1.x. How were those (original) user accounts created? Via regular BuddyPress / WordPress signup? Do they appear only once in the database (or only once in the relevant wp-admin screen)? Do you get duplicate listings in your sites’ Members Directory?



    That screenshot is identical to my screen.

    You’re right, I’m running BP 1.2.8 and WP 3.1.3. The accounts were created via regular WordPress signup from the admin interface (site not live yet) and appear only once in the Members directory and only once on the WP-admin-screen.

    Thanks for looking into this! I really, really appreciate all your hard work going into BP! It’s things like this plugin we need to further increase the buzz around BP!

    My comments mirror the poster’s above. Latest WP and BP.

    Thanks for the confirmation, I’ll see if I can recreate/fix this weekend.

    Thank you – and if you’d like to poke around on my blog let me know.

    Mike Hineline


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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