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Request: Tags for Links

  • Hi @Dwenaus,

    Although this might be a big leap… I would kindly request a version of the group tags plugin to work with the bp links plugin.

    I really like the tags for groups plugin :-) So much even that I would love to see it work for with other parts of buddypress. It provides the means to rich and user generated content. Another plugin it would greatly enhance is the buddypress links plugin.

    Ive taken a quick look at the tags plugin… though I must admit I am really a beginner at php. I am able to let the tags plugin show up in the admin by copying the plugin and changing the word “group” to link and gtag to ltag in the code. However than the real work starts… how to integrate it with the links db, directory and form. And I am just not able to do such coding.

    So for now… I can only enjoy the tags for groups plugin and make a request for an adapted version for links.

    Kinds regards, GooseNL

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