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[Resolved] Filter posts with specific category/tag from activity stream

  • I’m trying to do a small tweak to my activity stream. The problem is that my site is a membership site where certain posts are public and some are not. Basically public posts are teaser versions of full posts (for SEO purposes) so it looks a bit funny when I have those teaser posts visible in activity stream.

    I browsed through plugin section but couldn’t find anything that could do this. I used to code PHP for a living but I don’t know WordPress all too well. And if it makes any difference, I’m using Headway as a theme.

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  • Roger Coathup


    Posts are added to the activity stream when the post is saved.

    It’s done in the bp_blogs_record_post() function, which is hooked on to the save_post action.

    There isn’t any easy way to filter bp_blogs_record_post() to stop certain categories appearing, so, your best options may be:

    1. To unhook the whole bp_blogs_record_post() function and replace with your own
    2. Use a custom post type for your teaser posts – the built in function will only post to activity stream if the post type is ‘post’

    I took the custom posts approach and it solved the problem. I was also able to solve few other annoyances with the whole teaser/full post structure by changing to custom posts so good thing this came up :)

    Roger Coathup


    Glad the solution worked. Thanks for the feedback

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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