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[resolved] Force friend/join

  • I’m working on a campus implementation and I was hoping to find a way to force all imported users to be a member of their orientation group and friends with their orientation leader. I know I’d have to set these variables at each import. I seem to remember last year the Welcome Pack worked this way, while now it “invites” them to do these things. I’d much rather an opt-out than opt-in for this specific operation. Is there anything I can do to the plugin to change this behavior?

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  • Indeed. Click the “Help” button in the top right of the main Welcome Pack admin screen

    I just tried that link in IE, FF, and Chrome with no luck (it works on other screens, just not yours). I pulled the zip file and re-read the readme, but I didn’t see any instructions in there either. I opened the welcome-pack-admin.php file and found that the Help button sends me to, so I’m guessing you were just trying to tell me to use the forum to ask my question. It took me 30 minutes to get to that point since the help button doesn’t work. I’d already read all of those forum posts. As far as I can tell none of them relate to my issue and you clearly say you don’t really check it that often.



    I’m not sure which help you’re clicking. Mine works fine in Chrome. Granted I wouldn’t have known the Help was there except there’s a video about the Welcome Pack somewhere that I watched. All of that said, here’s the relevant info:

    The default behaviour for Friends and Groups is for invitations to be sent. If you would prefer to suppress those invitations and have them automatically accepted on the user’s behalf, set define( ‘WELCOME_PACK_AUTOACCEPT_INVITATIONS’, true ); in wp-config.php.

    Yeah, it’s the Help in the extreme top-right of most WordPress admin pages (there’s actually quite a lot of useful text hidden away, but I wonder too how many people are aware that it is there).



    I’ve used WordPress for 5 years now and your plugin was the second time that I clicked on that Help button.



    I’ve never used that “Help” button either! lol

    Paul, it might be better to add the documentation in the readme.txt. Since the help info isn’t too long, it could perhaps go in the sidebar of the admin page or as a third tab beside the “Emails” tab.

    Readme updated for next release (2.2).

    I’ve upgraded, added the line to the config, and still can’t get forced groups/friends. Any other ideas? MU 2.9.2, BP, Welcome Pack 2.1.

    I’ll test it and check it is working as it should

    Beck B


    I’m guessing it would be too complicated to separate out the forced acceptances instead of having a single toggle? e.g., In the simplest scenario, I want to force group invitation acceptance but let the new user decide whether to accept friend requests. (In more complicated scenarios, I might want some groups but not others and/or some friends but not others….)

    I love this plugin, mind you, definitely not a complaint.

    It’d just be lovely to have even more control in a plugin release down the line. Like on the admin screen, instead of just the boxes to select friends/groups to invite/ask, maybe two more boxes to select friends/groups to forcefully add. (Or, for the simpler solution, a checkbox to the left of each select box lets the admin indicate whether they want to invite or force.)

    Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for putting out the Welcome Pack!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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