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Screw this…

  • bigsilk


    I’ve given up on BuddyPress and going to Simple:Press. I’ve been waiting on some kind of response for days now and nothing. The issues I’m asking about aren’t like, ‘How do I change my avatar?’ or, ‘How do I change my background color?’ No, these are fatal issues, things that make BuddyPress stop working, like 404 errors and .php errors on the calendar and the map is missing and on and on. So, you guys have fun with this. I’m through.

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  • I also thought that this “Support” forum would be more responsive and supporting. I feel a bit like with Buddypress you are on your own.

    I know this is in a plugin’s group, but I’m going to close this topic as I think it’s rude and inappropriate. Kunal can open it again if he wants.

    The vast majority of people here participate on these forums and contribute to BuddyPress in their own time and without any remuneration. This means that if a person is busy, for example, for a week, then unless another kind user steps in and responds to a query, then there will be a delay in responding.

    You also seem to be confusing BuddyPress and plugins that introduce new features to BuddyPress. Just as in any open source community, the quality will vary, but at the same time it makes for a larger and more vibrant community. Kunal’s code, for example, is of a very high standard and is very good.

    I wish you good luck with your project



    @Bigsilk, @Tonyone

    1. EventPress != BuddyPress; my lack of support for the plugin does not reflect on BP as a whole. BP support forums are in general, separate and have many more people contributing and looking after issues.

    2. While I realize that is hasn’t been made explicitly clear, raising issues/feature requests/bug reports on the google code project is a much faster way of getting my attention than posting here—EventPress runs on both WordPress and BuddyPress, and I check these forums occasionally. I do, however receive emails instantly on any issues on the project/google group and in general respond much faster over there.

    3. @bigsilk: You can try updating permalinks once for the 404 errors. EP works directly only with the default theme—you’ll have to do some work for completely custom themes. The widget got broken in this release as I was in a hurry for releasing a WP3.1 compatible release—something I had overshot because of personal stuff.



    @pgibbs Thanks!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
  • The topic ‘Screw this…’ is closed to new replies.
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