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Send Invites in Profile Menu

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    Could the Send Invites nav link possibly go under profile nav menu or even under Messages. It would help leave room in that top level nav. If not, what can be done to move it under another menu.

    last resort has been to display:none for that item and place the Send Invites link somewhere else like the sidebar. have had to do that more and more lately as i’m running out of room with just running a few of the most popular bp plugin components. aahh!

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  • If you’re running using the default layout with it’s tab layout this will be an issue, tabs by definition have a finite number of instances that can occur before any layout crumbles and tab effect links do not wrap to next line due to it’s visual design requirements for hugging the baseline.

    I was running up a quick solution for tabs on the profile page that worked by effecting the tab as overlaying each other thus creating a little more space and playing with stacking context to bring each tab to up over the others on hover/focus but haven’t really had much time to finish it but if I do I’ll post it, it’s a limited solution though and the fact that plugins can simply add to profile tabs again and again make tab style links not the best choice really. I would favour running the links vertically really and will try and code that if the markup allows without requiring refactoring.



    yea i’ve just gone to a 3 column layout for profile home, pulling some of the tabs out of the object nav and moved into widgets in a sidebar placed under the avatar. similar to where the stats, map and interests are in this version except i’ve moved that column under the avatar where its more convenient as a vertical nav area for extra components.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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