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SeoPress is compatible with WP 3.1 & BP 1.2.8?

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  • nanchante


    it would appear not.

    Personally, I can’t believe that such a vital ingredient has been left out of the core. I mean serisouly.

    I love BP, but the SEO sucks big time. It’s not rocket science.

    Does anyone know how to manually tweak titles etc?

    Sven Wagener


    @ig0r74 @tim

    The next version will be complatible with 3.1 ;) Just wait until the end of the next week.

    @svenl77 @mahype

    Title tags don’t work for Buddypress components, and the default shortags are outputting some strange stuff. Is further development planned?

    “The next version will be complatible with 3.1 ;) Just wait until the end of the next week.”
    Yeah – i hate to sound rude, but that what a month ago now.

    Is anything going on, or is the plugin no longer supported?
    Would love to get going with my personal project. :-)




    Yeah, I agree. I thanks god everyday for the work of all guys involved in the developement of WordPress and its plugins.
    But, if you don’t have spare time to invest on the developement of a plugin, drop it or pass the project to someone else with more resources.
    That said, I wanna say thanks to all the contributors, waiting for the next release of this FUNDAMENTAL plugin.



    I dont think it is compatible



    When next version will released?

    Sven Wagener


    At first I want to say, that the redevelopement of the plugin will take more time, than we have thought We are going on to make it really fine for you ;)

    Yes, we have reworked the whole Special tag engine. At the moment we are going on to rebuild the special tags for buddypress and we are searching for better values there. The old stuff like %%component_id%% will go. Furthermore you will be able to create your own special tags if you want.

    @ThomasG @albertoita
    As I said, sorry for that, but we are a bit under stress in the moment. We try to release a beta as fast as we can. I will provide the beta at this thread, if it’s ready. But at the moment I can’t give a realistic timeline. We have to do the following tasks before we can give you the beta release:

    – Redeveloping Special tags (especialy for buddypress)
    – Writing update scripts for older versions
    – Adding Actionhooks
    – Cleaning up code



    Hi @mahype
    Glad to read you :)
    I’m happy to know that you’re working on this key buddypress plugin!
    Thanks a lot and good work!

    Sven Wagener


    Hi @albertoita,

    it’s going further and I’m programming hard on the plugin. Now I have finished in redeveloping special tags. The wordpress, the network blogs and buddypress are supported in it. Also unknown Buddypress Plugins which are creating pages in Buddypress are supported.

    The code isn’t optimal yet, but I’m working on to reorder it that it will have more structure. Many things have to be done.

    I have decided to create an open Git account where I have checked in the latest version of SeoPress. If you want, you and all others can download the actual source under:


    This is only the actual developement version. I give no warranties and support on issues.

    If you have a testblog, just try out and if you found bugs, you are free to report it ;) Developers are welcome to support the plugin! SeoPress will get an API. It’s the next big step I will work on.

    Have fun! ;)



    @mahype – that’s good news! This plugin is a winner waiting to happen. I do commercial wp seo, so I just copied the bp title tag code and replaced and extended it in functions.php, then added tag and custom field support for the wp post types. I’m still playing with the meta for the bp components. I’ll follow your progress and revisit it when you’re ready. Keep up the good work. I realise how involved it is.



    This is great news. I’m going to work testing it. Excited for the official release.

    Good news!

    The first alpha is out now. Please come and test the new SeoPress version. We need your help to get it as bug free as we can!

    Download here:

    You can report bugs here:

    Or report it by email to:">

    Thank you and happy testing!


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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