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Shortcode options

  • snowgurl11


    Thanks for a great plugin! I’ve tried so many different map plugins and yours is definitely the closest to what I’m looking for. And looking at your things-to-do list, I can see that you will have everything I’m looking for at some point.

    In the meantime, I’m wondering if you have any other options already built-in for the shortcodes. I’m using, for instance, [gpress place_id=”all” map_zoom=”7″] on a page to show all of my places. Works great! I kind of thought that if I replaced “all” with a place ID that it would show only that type of place. But, it was just a blank map. I tried a whole bunch of other combos but nothing worked — slugs, names, etc. Is it possible to control what is shown using that parameter? And, even better, is there any way to incorporate the user/member “location” into the shortcode to just show all members on one map? I know you are planning to have that soon, but if it’s something I can tweak myself I’ll do it. I also wonder what the “post-type” parameter does (I snooped around in the shortcodes.php file).

    I also tried producing “type-specific” maps using the “types of places” option. It kind of worked but the resulting page had a bunch of maps each with one place. Can I somehow combine them? And, is there a “type” I can use to call only members, like “location”?

    Thanks again for all of your work!

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  • Available documentation for shortcodes can be seen at:

    This documentation will hopefully be improved upon, but at the moment, everything revolves around “places” either as a single place or as all places…

    The next version of gPress should hopefully include some filters for posts and people, and then in future versions, we can work upon making the functions more complex and allowing for cherry picking of things or those in specific categories and what-not, – they are on the roadmap, I promise, it’s just a matter of time. Hope you are still with us by the time we get there… :-)



    Hi! I just updated to your latest version and I see that you have a shortcode for “All Geo-Tagged Users Map” — but how do I use it? I tried putting that into the place_id and a bunch of other things (bp_user_array) but I just get a blank gray map. I have a bunch of users geo-tagged. Do I need to do something else with that data? Do I just need to get the shortcode notation correct? Or, do I need to define the shortcode function somewhere to be able to use it? I didn’t see any examples of it on your site.

    I like the new admin area. Much easier to use than the old one. :) Thanks for a great plugin!



    Oops. I didn’t look closely enough at your shortcode page. I see the syntax listed: [gpress place_id=”all” post_type=”users”].

    So, I tried that and I still get a blank gray map. When I replace “users” with “posts” I do get a map of all posts. But, the users just won’t show up.

    Any ideas? Do you think I need to remap the users? I will try that, I think.

    Presume you are using BuddyPress 1.2.8 and WordPress 3.1, as the user feature will only work with these versions…

    If you are, what theme are you using, perhaps it is a theme or plugin conflict, try using default BP theme and removing all other plugins, just to try to trace the problem to a specific theme or plugin, for your problem is one that I presently do no see on any of my test beds…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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