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Simple Machines Forum features – I can import them

  • Virtuali


    I work for Simple Machines:

    I can import features for, Features such as:

    User Categories: Examples “Newbie, Junior Member” Each user has a certain category depending on the # of posts that have posted. Post count of that user also can be showed. Devs can add any user category they want (e.g Group Guru, Tech Manager) the Karma can be displayed below or above avatar

    Next to the forums-loop, topic hotness, ( hot topic–> over 10 posts, very hot topic: over 25 posts ) will show a certain icon for each topic hotness.

    -Extended Printing Functions –> Turning any topic into a printer friendly version for users.

    -I can bring Polls into the forums, usefull for features or anything else. (group mods and close, open, and create new polls)

    -Extended signatures–> (Rich’s Plugin could work also)

    -Extended forum Navigation-> (Jump to topic–> Jump to related topic).

    These are just some of the features I can import for If you find any useful, hit me up!

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  • Avi M


    @Virtuali Not sure exactly what you mean by import but those all sound like great features to me. So if you are offering to whip up a few plugins I say go for it.



    Simple Machines Forum- These above features are part of Simple Machines in which I can convert into wordpress for features.

    Not to a plugin- I don’t have the time.

    Avi M


    @Virtuali thanks for the reply.

    I got that these are all things currently avaible in SMF. The part I’m not getting is what it is that you are offering? Yes I know the fucntioanlity you listed above but onther than that I dont follow.

    Are you saying you want to help get these fearutres into BP core? Are you just trolling this forum in search of paying clients?

    Not so clear to me.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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