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Simple post from front end site. No login requiered. Add images

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    I’m looking on how to make a site where the front page would be the activity stream. Yet where people could post without login. Also, it would be nice for people to be able to add images.

    It is for a personal fun site. Let evryone post an idea of an object that does not exist and they wish it exist. Flying carpet, magic lamp, etc.

    Here are the thing I have found out and the things it would be really helpfull if someone have an idea :

    [X] *** Post without login ***

    I have not find such a plugin for the moment.
    The only thing I found is :
    Better than nothing as it permit to connect faster using Facebook. Yet not perfect anyway.

    [V] *** Capcha to avoid spambots ***

    Posting without login mean to be able to see who is human and who is not, in order to avoid spam. There is a lot of capcha plugins :

    [~] *** Add images in activity stream ***

    Well, there is one. Yet it does not permit to upload image. It does only make easier to embed external content from Flick or Youtube.

    [V] *** Vote on products ***

    A fun feature would be a vote button, to retrieve the most popular objects. Here is a plugin wich does the trick :

    If someone have an idea for a “post without login” plugin and a “upload images to activity stream” one, it would be really helpfull.


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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