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Site exploration meter

  • Erlend


    I’m a big believer in rewarding users for content, but not so much for generic actions. My interest in this plugin lies in its great potential to be an effective “exploration metric” for my users. It’s a great way of seeing to what extent users have explored every feature of my site.

    Site Exploration Meter

    This could either be an additional plugin to CubePoints, or merely a special setting.

    – Most if not all actions will only reward a point for first-time use.
    – Users would have a simple “Site Exploration Meter” in their profile

    And that’s it. Depending on how many “rewarding” actions I’ve made available and how many points I’ve assigned to them, users will see their Site Exploration Meter progress from 0-100% as they perform actions on the site they haven’t done before. I could set certain milestones along the way, with titles like “Tourist”, “Familiar” and “Native”.

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  • Tosh


    I like this idea as well. Not sure how to do this off the top of my head. I’ll put in my list of ideas.

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