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Some Custom Work Needed

  • salvig67


    I was needing some work done on a site.

    I have a website called

    Currently making no money only a side project.

    This is the work I need done. I have many people that like to for lack of a better word spam my activity wall. I would like to put them to work to earn a right to post to that activity wall.

    1. When they do a said action like click on a link and listen to a song from a posting Musician. After the song play is over from what every source such as MySpace, ReverbNation Ect. It then allows them to post to our wall. I don’t mind people spamming the wall but I do believe they should at very least earn a spot there. Even if I am not getting paid and only helping my brother and sisters in the Music Bizness 🙂

    Any Takers simply reply to this post I will be subscribing to the feed. Thanks

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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