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Some thoughts and issues

  • mamouneyya


    After trying the plugin for some hours, here are some thoughts/issues:

    (1) The initial location of the marker on the map is set to some place on the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the marker appears with a blue background and you have to zoom out to know where you are. It would be nice if the initial location as well as the initial zoom level were configurable, or at least if they were set to reasonable values (i.e. the middle of land with Countries zooming level).

    (2) Currently, to move the marker you have to drag it to the place you want to mark, so if that place was in the far other side of the map and the zooming level was close-up, you have to do one of the following:
    a) Zooming out until the both sides appear at the same time (the side that the marker initially start at and the side you want to mark), moving the marker and then zooming in again.
    b) dragging the marker to the edge of map screen in the direction of the side you want to move to, and navigate in the map until the marker comes to the other edge and so on. (i.e. Suppose you want to move the marker from a place in Canada to another in Mexico. You will drag the marker to the lower edge of the shown map screen, and then you will navigate in the direction of the south until the marker become on the top of the shown map screen and so on until you reach the destination you want.)
    It will be much more efficient if the user was able to move the marker by the mouse clicking. This way you don’t have to drag the marker screen-by-screen. Instead, you directly go to your destination, click on the place you want and voila! the marker is relocated there.

    (3) There is a problem with the shortcode [gpress place_id=”all”]. When I use it I see a blank area instead of the map.

    Sorry if some ideas weren’t clear enough. My English isn’t that good.
    Best Regards,

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  • Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts…

    1) – This blue background problem only happens if the Google geo-coding service cannot be loaded, otherwise, by default, it should show you your present location (calculated via IP address, assuming the Google Geo-Coder is capable of doing this) – in addition, there should be an option to set the default location (for super admins), which should control the default location used for future search (when the Google geo-coder does not work).

    -> Can you confirm that this does not work? Will try to run through the process again, but its hard for me to re-create due to my IP address and server environment not having any difficulties connecting to the Google geo-coder service…

    2) I may be able to add this as an option, but too many options is not a good thing, and gPress already has too many options. Some people like to drag and some people like to click – I see pros and cons for both – would love to offer this up as something the community could vote on, will do that now, and see if any feedback comes back… :-)

    3) You are the first person to report this problem, so can onoly assume it is due to the theme you are using – please confirm which one and if its not TwentyTen, could you also confirm if the problem still occurs when you quickly switch back to TwentyTen, or perhaps its one of the other plugins, you can test for this by deactivating all of the plugins other than gPress and if problem no longer occurs, turn on plugins one at a time to isolate which one is causing the error…

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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