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Stats: Fatal error bb_query ?

  • @nuprn1
    Slightly odd one here; Stats was working without issue on local dev and test production (test production: WP 3.0 / BP 2.5.2) (local dev: WP.3.01 / BP 2..6 )

    However test production had deliberately not had multi site enabled local dev had though.

    Decided that I would, after all, enable multi site on production, deactivated all plugins enabled MS reactivated all plugins in turn, no apparent issues all works fine.

    Stats however breaks badly crashing out the rest of the page rendering (removed sidebar widget display, checking on profile_stats_header)

    Check in debug mode and there is a single reference to a Fatal Error in calling bb_query

    Fatal error: Class ‘BB_Query’ not found in /var/www/********/********/httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums.php on line 354

    I can confirm that this fatal error is introduced by any of the three lines checking topics,posts, or comments in function bp_member_profile_stats_header_meta() (and by logical deduction in the sidebar action as well)

    Comment out those three conditionals and the error is removed and site functionality returns.

    I am trawling through things trying to id what exactly is wrong but hoping you have a better idea why this error should suddenly rear up, checked db side by side but can’t see obvious differences, and looking at the sql quries to try and spot something out of place but think I’m pretty much stumped .

    ##### EDIT ########

    Found issue which may possibly affect others, having enabled MS the one thing that hadn’t been updated was the bb-config.php

    BB was still assuming a single blog install and needed to be told the primary blog it was running on; so had to add :
    $bb->wordpress_mu_primary_blog_id = 1;

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  • so no issue or something i still need to look at?

    Depends on viewpoint, it’s fair to say less of an issue to do with a plugin and more to do with a flaw in possible procedures?

    If you have enabled BB forums under BP but not WP MS and later decide to enable WP Multi Site blogs then it seems that bb-config.php is not updated to reflect this fact, whether it’s possible for this to happen (unlikely?) I’m not sure but then perhaps it needs to be added to codex as a point to watch out for when installing or updating WP.

    So in a nutshell it’s possibly something that does have a solution but where and with whom that lies is open to debate.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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