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Strange problem with friendship request emails

  • trailmix5



    First of all, thanks for making such a great plugin! It’s exactly what I need.

    Most of the email templates work perfectly, but I’m having a very odd problem with the friendship request email template. It seems that no matter what content I include in the email template, it always starts with It’s really strange and it’s a live link.

    Even if I clear off the template and save the blank page, the email will start with

    For instance, when I put in the line: %1$s wants to add you as a friend, it will show up as “>RodanMothra wants to add you as a friend”

    This doesn’t happen in the messages template though, the user name is clean without the extraneous url. When I disable the template by reverting it to draft, the default buddypress message is uncorrupted. I’m totally stuck on this.

    Do you have any ideas about how I could fix this issue? I know that this is a free plugin and you’re totally hooking up the community by giving it away. That being said, I’m down to throw in a little $ if I can get this working…it’s a really important plugin for me to have and I have a hard deadline. Thanks so much!

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